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SINCE 2003

SINCE 2003

Unlike the average lotto white label providers, we have been successfully supporting one of the world’s largest and most recognizable platforms, for over sixteen years.

With those years comes hard learnings and with that comes a vast knowledge of what does and does not work commercially in this competitive industry.

Neezy assists our partners with all of the following and more:

- Realistic financial modelling
- Conversion and retention strategy's (that work!)
- Payment processing relationships
- Chargeback management and strategies
- Software support (incl. tailor-made API's for your brand)
- B2B ticket and underwriting relationships
- B2B manufacturer licence (in your trading jurisdiction)
- Retail price modelling for underwriting dynamic jackpots
- Outbound call centre setup incl. scripts for sustainable client conversion/ retention

Neezy never simply rolls out white-labels to entities  "fancying their hand in the online lotto industry". We conduct in-depth due diligence into potential partners (incl. those wishing to purchase our licenced software outright), not only to ensure that they have the management pedigree and financial resources to ensure the best chance of success, but also because Neezy will never partner with more than one entity per agreed geo-territory. We take this approach given the vested interest we have to ensure the sustainable success of our preferred partnerships.
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